The program "Nutrition" is one of the components of that social support, what is delivered by the "Hesed-Shushannah" for needy proteges. The support according to the program is necessary for the majority of proteges of the Hesed. It includes now: food parcels, meals in the restaurant, and hot meals to one's home ("Meals on wheel"). Not long ago the program "Products to your home" ("Supermarket") has been launched.

How to take into account different tastes? How to combine the deficiency of nutrition with the deficiency of communication? How to find the way out from a particular difficult situation? All problems we are facing are being solved in the process of the work with flexible approach to the solution of this or that problem in each particular case, however, without exceeding the limits of the criteria. Due to the "tastiest" "Nutrition" program and other very important programs, people realize that the Jewish community remembers them and takes care of them.

Now the proteges of the program "Restaurant" have meals in cozy cafe "Grivas" six times a week.

All of us are striving to reach the goal that the food were of high quality, fresh, varied, balanced, and, of course, tasty. The menu includes vegetable salad, the first course (hot dish), the second course (mostly meat or fish with garnish), drinks, sometimes pastries, or fruits.

Some of our proteges because of their poor health have no opportunity to cook independently or to reach the restaurant. For such proteges the program "Meal on Wheels" is provided. Hot meals are delivered in proper time according to the certain timetable and route. If some of our clients are sick, if they are at hospital, we do not leave them without attention, we bring them meals straight to the hospital.

The dishes prepared by recipes of the traditional Jewish cuisine are included into the menu at the time of the Jewish holidays. It creates a friendly atmosphere, festive mood among the proteges.

When somebody celebrates his / her birthday s/he receives congratulations and just warm words about them. On this day the proteges especially feel themselves necessary, surrounded with care and attention.

As a vital support in our hard time, the program "Food parcels" serves for our proteges. These food parcels include important and essential nutrition items. In holidays we try to give our proteges treat with something tastier. Moreover not everyone can afford himself / herself to buy this or that item.

Grocery sets for especially needy people are delivered once a month. And four times a year holiday sets are delivered to all the proteges. Volunteers do a great amount of this important work. These people with zest share their experience with generosity; they help selflessly in solving all the problems bound with this program and some others. We are very grateful to them for cooperation and we hope that in the future our work will also bring the people much pleasure.

All the employees involved into the "Nutrition" program are unanimous in one thing: our task is not only to feed tastily and correctly, but also to create such conditions of having meals under which the proteges would feel warm and cozy in the large Jewish house called "Hesed-Shushannah".