The Hesed program "Moked" is an effective support at proteges' home: it is an acute support to household devices, it is cleanness of the body and an accurate haircut / coiffure, it is neatness of a bed and a beautiful fashionable hairstyle. Because one should understand, what a great pleasure is to see that the screen of the TV set is shining again; that the iron is functioning, the linen is cleanly washed, the water pipe is repaired and water, which seemed to have disappeared forever, is running again; that the window is glazed but not veneered as usual, and the room is filled with sunshine again; that the ladder does not threaten to tumble down. This pleasure is as great as savoring tasty food.

Look at the list of the services offered to the proteges, and you will understand that it is a real mini-factory:

The volunteers do most of these works (now there are 20 of them). Besides, the city service shops and joint-stock companies take part in this work. The basic tasks of the program "Moked" is probably meeting of all the proteges' demands, the increasing of the program owing to the new kinds of services and, of course, top quality of all kinds of work with an obligatory "feedback": protege - Hesed - protege.

Increasing the list of services proposed, we try to involve to this activity as many proteges wishing to prolong their active life, as possible; to fill their existence with sense, to give them an opportunity to feel their skills and knowledge needed by the society. It is done with the purpose to make their work bring them pleasure, to bring them new positive emotions with a new charge of vivacity and health.

For this purpose we are planning to create minishops within the Hesed where alongside with volunteers our proteges will also be engaged in their favorite work. Such minishops are planned: