Taking into account the contingent of the Hesed proteges (pension age or physical disability) one can state that the percentage of those requiring medical care is very high.

The support is versatile: from simple advice up to treatment at hospital. People can address to the employees of the medical program with any question concerning medical problems. The consulting room is open daily from 9.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. The reception is carried out by 18 physicians (15 of them are volunteers).

The proteges are free from the necessity of waiting in the queues at outpatients clinics. They are carefully examined, listened to with patience, given advise, co-ordinated in their treatment.

By prescriptions of the doctors in charge of the case proteges receive medicines in drugstores on preferential terms.

Chronic patients are brought into a healthy state. They are hospitalized in appropriate hospitals where they are provided with necessary medicines at the expense of the Hesed. Just in the same way people hospitalized urgently are also provided with medicines, including the cases bound with operative treatment. The Hesed also provides the proteges by the prescription with hearing supports and glasses. It also helps them to get prosthetic appliances.

The medical program co-operates closely with the following services:

All these action are aimed to strengthening the proteges' health. Our work is generally recognized.