When our Hesed was only 2 years old, its library already numbered about 2 thousand books. These books are mostly gifts of those people who have left Ukraine forever, but they left a piece of memory about themselves for the bibliophiles that are left here. All the books are marked with dedicatory inscriptions made by those who have presented us these books. However, the Joint has also sent us many books.

We have books to any taste: here one can find both religious literature and books about Jewish traditions, holidays, and habits, manuals and textbooks in Hebrew and Yiddish, works by Jewish writers from both the CIS countries and the rest of the world. Those who are in terested in classics have an opportunity to re-read works by Russian and foreign writers that are familiar from the very childhood. Those who are fond of following smart investigations are given a great choice of detective stories. People interested in poetry, sci-fi, memoirs also can satisfy their refined taste with new editions.

Shelves with the nicely illustrated literature for children also attract attention of visitors. Our veterans often assemble in the library to discuss with each other at the shelves with military memoirs. In addition, our women like to borrow cookery books. We have the literature in various languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Yiddish, and Hebrew. Our proteges come to us with pleasure choosing books to their tastes.

There is also a reading hall nearby where one can get acquainted to the periodicals including newspapers published by other Heseds of Ukraine, also with magazines "Parents and children", "From heart to heart", "Lehaim", "Migdal" etc.

We are always glad to everyone who comes to us, who prefers good fiction to soap serials, who is interested in periodicals and Jewish traditions. We are glad to everyone who visits us.