“Home care”

"Homecare" is the most typical Hesed program.

One should realize that the local demographic situation in the today's world is characterized by the growth of the number of elderly and senile people. The deterioration of environment conditions raises the level of infantile mortality. Stress reduces middle-aged people's lifetime. Elderly people suffer not only from the age changes, hearing and vision loss, immobility. More often they suffer from solitude and uselessness. Absence of active pastime and communication, disability to live the former way of life, and especially to serve themselves independently has a negative influence upon the elderly people's mentality and mood. This, in turn, aggravates a series of diseases and deteriorates life conditions that are already extremely difficult. There are plenty of people who need permanent support in their life.

In such a situation the Hesed service "Homecare" is indispensable, but this support is calculated on particular persons who meet definite criteria:

The service according to the "Homecare" program can be given to the Hesed proteges only. To be included into the program and to take the support according to this program a protege should meet the following requirements:

List of the Homecare program services:

The process of giving the support includes several stages:

The Homecare service has many nuances. The statement "client is always right" should not be determining the procedure. - The main thing is protege's interests, or, to be more exact, the "Priority of his / her interests" (Anna Zhyvotovsjka, chief teacher of ISOR).

The work in the Homecare service imposes the following obligations on Hesed employees: to serve to the interests and well-being of proteges, to promote the improvement of his / her social, psychological, and household conditions; to keep confidentiality concerning all the information about the protege; to work in his / her interests only and with his / her consent; not to have any financial relations with the protege, etc.

The Homecare service is a Hesed subdivision bound with all other the Hesed subdivisions, because it is the Hesed employees who looks after the proteges and who will know everything about their clients. A program worker can for example address to the programs "Medical Service and medicines," "Moked and Hire," and "Nutrition", or to ask for visiting a protege by a volunteer. It is all the Hesed employees together only who can facilitate and brighten up the loneliness of elderly people, wake and support interest to life in them, and finally prolong it.