“Family club”

The basic direction of the Family club consists in uniting the Jewish families.

These families are different in age, education background, they have different interests and nature, but all of them are united with the common desire to communicate, to get acquainted and to learn the Jewish history, traditions and culture of people much better.

Our Family club is haunted by people of 3 generations, who have formed one big strong family during the time of communication.

Various conversations, meetings with interesting people, Saturday meetings, Jewish holidays, family games, and quizzes are held at our sessions. These meetings take place in warm and friendly conditions of mutual understanding and goodwill. And it is pleasant that each performance or conversation is interesting to the interlocutors.

The most interesting one among them was a series of thematic meetings under the common name “the Jewish heritage of my family.”

The characteristic feature running through this series of meetings was the theme of continuity of generations in families. Each family tells about their fathers and grandfathers, showed old photos, unique documents, subjects of a family life, antiquarian things that are passing from father to son, the attitude to which was brought up as to family relics. With their help, destinies of each family were traced.

For the period of our dialogue, we have learned much about interests, tastes, and hobbies of everyone.

There are some parents in our big family, who take a great interest in playing various musical instruments, singing, dancing. Their children often draw very well, write verses; their grandmothers are very keen in various crafts including embroidery, knitting, making some unusual things.

At our meetings we sing much including Jewish songs, songs of our youth; we tell each other jokes, ridiculous stories and also we dance. During such meetings we have a spiritual rest, these meetings are real family ones.