“Day center”

The program "Daytime center" is intended for the proteges that are after 70 years old, lonely, and inactive. The program of each meeting provides the proteges staying within a day in a comfortable atmosphere disposing to the friendly dialogue and psychological comfort. Such an environment forms emotionally positive mood background and create essential conditions for cognitive and creative social activity the participants of groups are involved in. Special attention is support to the revival of the spirit of the Jewish traditions and culture.

The proteges are brought to the hesed by minibus (shuttle) and are invited to a cozy room . They come to us with great pleasure to get rid of the emotional charge of loneliness, to overcome the alienation complex and to receive a good deal of positive energy.

A lot of events promote reaching this goal: joint breakfasts and lunches at nicely served tables, thematic conversations, cognitive lectures, dialogue with interesting people, watching video films, listening to the Jewish music, joint promenades and excursions.

When the proteges come to Daytime center, they can take advantage of all the services offered by the Hesed: to consult at a physician, to visit the library, to look through the newspapers and magazines, to play chess etc. In the hairdressing saloon they will have their hair done. In the laundry they will have their linen washed. They can even take a shower if they have no such facilities at home. The shower room is equipped with special handrails. The Jewish people were separated, they had not seen each other for ages, but the Daytime center gives them such a splendid opportunity to see each other again, to make new friends, to experience a great deal of pleasure and to go back to the good old days.

It is well known that an anticipation of a holiday, the expectation of a pleasant event fills life with new sense and sometimes gives a person more pleasure than the event itself. It is "a holiday of the expectation of a holiday," as it was precisely pointed out by Fazil' Iskander, a famous Russian writer.

One should believe in his forces, overcome a psychological barrier. Just come to the Daytime center, where everybody will be always glad to see you! In the Daytime center the proteges are given such a kind of opportunity:

The Daytime center can be visited by proteges from the districts as well. There are some conditions of proteges selection for the Daytime center.

The proteges should meet some requirements concerning their state of health: