Programs for children

Child... There is nothing dearer in the world for parents. Since the very first days, all the relatives take care of health and happiness of a small defenseless creature. Kid grows up quickly and the educative process is simultaneously started.

Therefore, for the revival of Jewish traditions in young Jewish families with children under three years old, whose incomes are frequently not so high and who need a financial support, the new program called "Mazl Tov" was launched.

The communities program "Mazl Tov" at the Chernivtsi Hesed-Shushannah works since August 2000. Originally, eight families with children under 3 years old and one pregnant woman took part in the program.

The program passed at the beginning of its existence through some ordeals. The trouble was that the first baby who was awaited by the whole community, was born breathless, and it was unlucky to be saved. Its mother got to the reanimation in a very hard condition. There she was for two weeks.

This woman has probably managed to leave from there due to our support. The program "SOS" supplied her with necessary medicines very quickly. Nevertheless, even after the hospital had remained in the past, we did not abandon our protegee. We did our best to support her and to help the woman whose destiny had turned out so cruel.

By the time the program has been increased, and now it covers 25 families, among which three families are incomplete, another four ones belong to the heightened social risk group, 13 families have newborn babies. For each of these children we create a festive atmosphere with congratulations and presenting gift sets for newborns. The needy families receive monthly food parcels with children's food according to their age norms.

The practicing doctors give all the information concerning medicines and vitamins purchase and supply for children, as well as preparation for accouchement. A great attention is support to the hire of equipment for newborns.

All the young mums receive baby carriages, cradles, playpens, go-carts, and feeding-chairs. Kids in their turn are created small comfort for, being supplied monthly with sets of diapers.

And how can one keep from the pleasure about our pensioner volunteers looking after babies? Our old ladies knit bonnets, baby's bootees, blouses, socks, mittens, sew blankets and pillows for small children. Besides, they teach our young mums the skills of the Jewish cuisine.

All the young families of ours are engaged in various events devoted to the Jewish history and traditions. The holidays for families with children under 3 years old are organized with active participation of the preschool group "Chaverim". Our small friends sing and dance, they also recite poems in Hebrew. Moreover, how joyfully we celebrate our kids' birthdays!

The functioning of the "Mazl Tov" program rests not only on knowledge and skills of our Hesed employees, but on experience of other community centers.

The seminars arranged by the Institute of Social and Community Workers enrich our knowledge in the field of children's psychology, prophylaxis of children's diseases, etc. Such forms of work of the seminars as presentations of Heseds with the demonstration of video films and picture albums are also perceived with interest.

Communication with people involved in one common noble business leaves a deep sense of satisfaction and desire to work for the welfare and revival of national roots of our people.