“Art studio”

In 1999, when the Hesed was just founded, nobody could even imagine that two years later its community life would be so flourishing and diverse: Yiddish and English language courses, knitting and tapestry weaving circles, a literary studio and a group of amateur singers.

Special programs are elaborated for our smallest wards: “Mazl Tov” (for kids under three years old), and “Fine art studio” (for the development of drawing skills and the sense of beauty at children of the school age).

The fine art studio has been settled in attic of our building. The cozy and warm room that resembles a swallow’s nest, due to Leonid Mazarchuk’s (the head of studio) efforts, became a second home for noisy and cheerful Jewish children.

The room filled with a small parrot’s singing, has the original furniture, the walls are hung round with young craftsmen’s drawings and hand-made articles. It is always filled with the smells of paints.

Numerous drawings are devoted to the traditions of Bukovinian Jews, their way of life. Among the works there are also such ones which tell us about the unique beauty of our native city. There are also landscapes, still lives, and children’s imaginations revealing an original perception of the environment.

Kiddies look forward to every next lesson in the art studio. Soon they will work with textile painting. They will get acquainted with batik, woodcarving, and jeweler’s art with stone and ivory. They are also interested in ceramics, modeling with clay, they study the ancient Jewish technique called chamotte as well as making dolls and weaving.

We have also initiated the program, the purpose of which is to help sick Jewish children, especially bedridden ones. They will be visited, taught with art lessons to make them feel the spirit of unity of all the Jews and their friends’ support.